ASEAN Guidelines on the Promotion of Climate Smart Agriculture Practices: Volume II



This Guideline is a result of ongoing or completed initiatives and knowledge-sharing events promoting climate resilience by the ASEAN Climate Resilience Network (ASEAN-CRN) and its partners. ASEAN-CRN is under the purview of the ASEAN Technical Working Group of Agriculture and Research Development (ATWGARD), an organic unit under the ASEAN Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry (AMAF).

The chapters represent topics of keen interest to the member states, which also coincided with practices being promoted by development partners and stakeholders in the region. The ASEAN-CRN, in cooperation with technical and development partners, drafted a second Volume of the ASEAN Regional Guidelines for Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture Practices. This 2nd Volume complements the Technical Guidelines of the 1st Volume and covers the following four practices in separate chapters:

  1. Integrated Farming Systems
  2. Rice Shrimp Farming
  3. Agricultural Insurance
  4. Climate Information Services for Agro-Advisories

Download Volume II here. 


The ASEAN-CRN is established to ensure that ASEAN member states are in a better position to adapt their agricultural sector to climate change and optimize its mitigation potential. The network promotes climate resiliency through exchange of information, expertise, and experiences on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) among ASEAN member states. By providing a dialogue platform on CSA in the region, the ASEAN-CRN links policy makers to scientific institutions, universities, national research institutions in agriculture, and international organizations.

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