ASEAN-CRN Virtual Meeting Series 2020

The annual meeting of the ASEAN Climate Resilience Network (ASEAN-CRN), which was set to be held in Penang, Malaysia last in April 2020, was postponed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

In this regard the ASEAN-CRN together with development partners, have come to an agreement to introduce series of virtual meetings, aptly themed “ASEAN-CRN in the time of Corona”, with duration of ninety minutes each, to retain the cooperation spirits and continue to contribute to the overall ASEAN- Food, Agriculture and Food (FAF) Cooperation Vision 2025.

The ASEAN-CRN participants during virtual exchanges

Please find the documentation of the ASEAN-CRN virtual meeting series in this page.

Relevant Information

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Topics of ASEAN-CRN Virtual Series

The ASEAN-CRN in the time of Corona – Virtual Meeting

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