ASEAN Regional Guidelines for Sustainable Agriculture in ASEAN

The guidelines for sustainable agriculture in ASEAN emphasize the need for the sustainable production of these agricultural inputs from available resources within ASEAN such as agriculture biomass and food wastes, promoting circularity in agriculture, cheaper farming inputs and leading to the greater competitiveness of ASEAN agricultural produce.

It is hoped that these sustainable agriculture guidelines will galvanize the development of an ASEAN sustainable food market, in the face of an increasing number of trade barriers, tariffs and other restrictions imposed on ASEAN agricultural and food products. These guidelines converge with other sustainable agriculture guidelines and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and will build increased trust and confidence in global supply chains on the quality and value of the agricultural produce from ASEAN.

The guideline has been endorsed at the 44th ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry (AMAF) meeting on October 2022 and is available at the ASEAN Secretariat website at this link.

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