Philippines National Study: Promotion of Climate Resilience in Rice and Maize

Climate change affects the Philippines through the increase in frequency and intensity of extreme weather conditions such as droughts, floods and tropical cyclones that will place large populations and key sectors in the region at risk, especially the agriculture sector. Climate change adaptation best practices for commodities such as rice and maize were considered for this study. For irrigated rice, the following are considered as good practices: PalayCheck, Palayamanan Plus, and controlled irrigation or Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD); while for rainfed rice are Palayamanan Plus, controlled irrigation/AWD, and use of climate resilient varieties. For yellow corn are: Site Specific Nutrient Management (SSNM), village type drier, and Sustainable Corn Production in Sloping Areas (SCOPSA); while for white corn, white corn for food and village type white corn mill.




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