10 Phases in Developing a National Crop Insurance Program: Guide Overview




This is a step-by-step overview guide for prospective governments to consider before launching a national crop insurance program or to review for improving a current program. This 10 phase guide overview has been developed for the ASEAN Climate Resilience Network (ASEAN-CRN) Knowledge Exchange Event on Effective Policies for Promoting Agriculture Climate Insurance to Increase Resilience in ASEAN, held on 16-18 August 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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The ASEAN-CRN is established to ensure that ASEAN member states are in a better position to adapt their agricultural sector to climate change and optimize its mitigation potential. The network promotes climate resiliency through exchange of information, expertise, and experiences on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) among ASEAN member states. By providing a dialogue platform on CSA in the region, the ASEAN-CRN links policy makers to scientific institutions, universities, national research institutions in agriculture, and international organizations.

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