Fact Sheet Overview of ASEAN Guidance Documents for Climate-Smart Land Use

The members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have committed to
addressing the challenges of food security and climate change in the agriculture and
forestry sectors. For this purpose, ASEAN has produced a number of policy documents, including guidelines, frameworks, recommendations, studies, books and many others. These are useful policy tools that help guide policy-makers and practitioners in the region working in particular areas and at the same time showcase ASEAN priorities and experiences.

The ASEAN guidelines are not legally binding documents. Implementation of the guidelines is based on country priorities and on whether national users will see them as useful tools to support country policy processes.

The Guidelines can be helpful:
• To understand regional challenges and ASEAN Member States’ priorities;
• To find out about relevant principles, technologies and management practices;
• To learn from experience gained during application of these approaches in the ASEAN context;
• To receive guidance on the aspects to consider when developing regional, national or local strategies, policies or action plans;
• To exchange ideas and experience with other experts and policy-makers working in a related area.

The fact sheet also available at the ASEAN Secretariat website page in this link

For more information:
Relevant ASEAN Guidelines on Land Use

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